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Check out the sweet video here! www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckm557HCf6o


It's been a long, cold winter, stuck with Jack Reacher and Gangster Squad
I must admit I took some comfort with Identity Thief, so help me God

And the calendar says summer don't start for six more weeks, but you and I both know summer starts with Iron Man 3

Tony Stark man, where you been man, Avengers seems so long ago
I miss your quips and your goateed lips and did I forgot your sweet ass Iron Man suit

I don't care if the plot is thin, I don't care if they messed up the Madarin
Give me a suit, I know you got a spare, Hell, it looks like you got them stashed everywhere

Iron Man 3, you got a hold on me
long as you got Downey, then you got my money

I don't care that you gave the bad guys your address, sorry they blew up your house but I could have guessed

Iron Man 3, I've been holding in my pee just for you.


from Movie Review Songs, released January 13, 2013




Fortress of Attitude New York, New York

Comedy rock from NYC.

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