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Check out the sweet video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNWgbokEXos


We're rapping

It's Valentine's Day, a romantic night
Guns, bodies and robots sound about right

Alex Murphy, the Robocop is back
Except this time him AND Louis are black

Michael Keaton's here, what a nice surprise
We could do a whole song bout how we love this guy

Sam Jackson's in it too, we respect him highly
even when he's cast as a future Bill O'Reilly

Still rapping

It's got a plot that's increasingly complicated
like this movie is daring us to hate it

But though the action scenes are totally awful
This movie is surprisingly kind of thoughtful

It made me look at robots differently
cause there's a blurry line between man and machine

like a printer is just a box probably
but a Roomba – seems like it dreams of being free

Free the Roombas

Can Robocop love his child, can he bang his wife
can he eat fried chicken, is this any kind of life?

Even though he's pretty much impossible to stop
it's really sad to be a Robocop

But this is all moot 'cause when push comes to shove
your girl's gonna make you see Endless Love

Maybe next year we can avoid all that
if Hollywood buys our pitch for RoboCat

Dead or alive, you're meowing with me


from Movie Review Songs, released January 13, 2013




Fortress of Attitude New York, New York

Comedy rock from NYC.

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