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Check out the sweet video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwcwuYYCUl8


It's the end of the summer
nothing much left to do
and I know it's a bummer
but we gotta see Kick-Ass 2

Can't remember the first one
thought it'd matter but it doesn't
KickAss still sucks, Hit Girl's still the best, and the bad guy's still McLovin

And Kickass as a hero
you know you really suck
Everyone around you is dying
and you don't seem to give a fuck

And they want us to believe this is the really real world
(this ain't no comic book)
But bodies don't fall apart when hit by a little girl
(well, it's based on a comic book)

Even Jim Carrey won't promote this shit
(somebody stop me)
this coming from a guy who thought Burt Wonderstone would be a hit

Kick-Ass 2
(should've been been called Hit Girl)
what did you do?
(or Lick-Ass or Owl-Fuck)
what's wrong with you?
(Now I'm just saying stuff)

Kick-Ass 2
(I miss Nick Cage)
shame on you
(He was funny in the first one)
you really blew
(Have you seen Drive Angry? It's weird, man)


from Movie Review Songs, released January 13, 2013




Fortress of Attitude New York, New York

Comedy rock from NYC.

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