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Check out the sweet video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKDVWhrvdNM


The Kryptonians have sealed their fate
don't know why they can't evacuate
But they've sent their only hope on off to earth

There Kal-el will be a God
Unfortunately so will Zod
So far seems like we'll get our money's worth

The ultimate illegal alien
His daddy thinks he won't fit in
But he can't help but save you with his massive girth

For two thirds it's going swell
But then the last act goes to hell
It all adds up to yet another hero's birth

Man of Steel's
Full of fire and smoke
But when all that clears
It could use some jokes

A brooding hero's origins
Felt strangely
like Batman Begins

But you should see it still
cause your friends all will
And nobody likes to be left out


from Movie Review Songs, released January 13, 2013




Fortress of Attitude New York, New York

Comedy rock from NYC.

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