Oz The Great & Powerful

from by Fortress of Attitude

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Song movie review of "Oz The Great & Powerful".

Check out the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmWD-tbkMAg


We just watched James Franco, ride a tornado to Oz
We'd rather be in a tornado, than watch his performance as Oz
Yes, Oz was his name, but it's also the place that he was
A place full of splendor and munchkins and winkies, but this movie still sucks because
because, because, because, because
Because of the terrible mess it was

Oz The Great and Powerful
should be
Oz the Flat and Forgettable
Oz should have never been made
before they answerd some basic questions
There's an east, west, and south witch
what happened to the north witch?
Why is there just one nice flying monkey?
What did we do to piss off the other monkees?
Will this movie sync up to Dark Side of The Moon?
And why doesn't Oz ever want to go home?
Doesn't everybody just want to go home?
Halfway through the movie, I just want to go home
But it's nice to see Zach Braff working again


from Movie Review Songs, released January 13, 2013




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